When Passion + Purpose Aren't Enough

What we need to keep going when we're running on passion and purpose.

Keep going. Don’t give up. Be persistent. Don’t quit.

If you’re like me, you’ve read plenty of books, listened to podcasts and heard interviews filled with this advice from and to entrepreneurs. It’s a consistent theme. 

This is such common advice for entrepreneurs because, at some point, WE ALL NEED IT.

The thing is, I think sometimes people (mistakenly) believe that if you’re pursuing a venture that’s altruistic or socially-focused it somehow makes the journey is easier. I hear “oh that must be so fun” or “oh that’s nice” casual tossed out to social entrepreneurs. And though it may be fun and nice and though I do, in fact, think having a deeper purpose leads to stronger dedication, it 100% does not make it easier. 

Passion and purpose can get you so far, but eventually, you’re going to need to perseverance.

In an interview I did a few weeks back, the founder was telling me about his journey, filled with persistence and perseverance. Time and again it didn’t seem like it was going to work out, he faced significant scrutiny, and finally, after years, things started to turn around. Now, he runs a thriving national organization that’s having a significant impact. It really stuck with me, which is why I’m writing to share this with you.

His journey was full of passion and incredible purpose, but it wouldn’t have happened without persistence.

With perseverance + heart,


Aaaand here’s one more, because, well, it’s this:

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