What Moves You?

Creating a business that makes an impact starts here.

I love a good wine bar.

A chance to try something new, meet interesting people and pretend to be fancy (I mean, let’s be honest).

I visited Solvang for the first time last fall. An adorable Danish city in Northern California. If you like cute scenery and wine, I highly recommend it.

My husband and I decided to pop into a small corner wine bar because it wasn’t too crowded, it had snacks and there was a poster in the window featuring a concert series for charity.

I can’t resist a do-good business.

We sat down and the owner greeted us with a flourish. We were pals in no time, so I asked my new wine buddy what charity he was supporting with the concert.

Hmmm… He wasn’t sure. Something with animals… maybe?? He clearly was not moved by his cause. Not to criticize. He was doing a good deed by putting up the poster and I’m happy for that. But it was a great reminder:

Passion is so important when you’re building giving back into a business. 

What if he had broken into a huge smile, unable to contain his excitement to tell me about a cause for which he is truly passionate? Or better yet, if he had shared it on his own because the cause was so close to his heart?

Just imagine how much more intentional he would be, how much better he could engage his customers, garner support for the cause and truly make an impact. 

If you start with passion and a cause that moves you, it’ll make all the difference. 

There are, of course, many other things to consider, but this is where we begin.

Supporting a cause that truly speaks to your heart ensures authenticity and excitement. It will drive your commitment, engage your community and ultimately lead to greater change for the cause you care about.

When you’re building purpose into your business and your life, first and foremost, focus on what moves you.

Oh, and have a glass of wine. You deserve it.

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