Everyday Gifts That Do Good


‘Tis the season of gifts… aaand gift guides.

Of which, I’m sure, you already have plenty.

And because I do want you to gift things that are GOOD for people + the planet, but I don’t want to just give you another list — in true DG form, I made you a short video instead. It’s a snapshot day-in-the-life with a few of my favorite do-good things.

All of which I own and use and love. Enjoy!

I couldn’t get rid of the list entirely because I want you to be able to find these for gifts for your friends or family or self (that’s totally cool) and feel sooo good about the impact you’re making in the world.

Sustainable, plant-based, eco-friendly, BPA-free and non-toxic. 

Provides clean water in developing countries.

Organic & fair trade, creating economic stability in Haiti.

Hand poured by women refugees to create brighter futures.

Uplifts and supports our neighbors without homes.

Empowers women globally  & funds the startup costs for a woman entrepreneur in a developing country.

Eco-friendly & one-for-one donated to someone in need.

Eco-friendly & provides clean water in developing countries.

Earth-friendly production, 1% to the Planet member & responsible manufacturing.

Funds sustainable poverty alleviation around the world.

Eco-friendly & ethically made. Provides fair wages, healthcare, and a safe work environment for all producers.

Eco-Friendly & ethically made through a transparent supply chain.

For every pair sold, a pair is distributed to someone in need.

Responsibly made with fair wages and benefits in safe, clean working environments.

Ethically made & helps abolish slavery around the world.

Funds programming to celebrate and inspire positive action.

Provides healthy food, education and jobs to under-resourced neighbors in South LA.

Provides sustainable employment and fair wages & helps fund support programs for survivors of sexual violence.

Earth-friendly & creates fair trade jobs and funds micro loan programs for artisan women all over the world.

Helps provide art supplies to  teachers and students in need.

Provides meals to children in need.

Supports the building of schools in war and conflict zones around the world.

Provides durable, portable, solar lights to children  in need.

Celebrates and encourages multicultural communities.

Did you catch them all in the video? Check it out. There all in there 🙂 Also, no affiliate links here. Just things I love. 

By the way, this is not a typical “day-in-the-life” for yours truly, but an entire minute of me sitting at my computer seemed a bit boring, so this, instead, is a dreamy day-in-the-life. 

Happy good gifting! 


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