Social Good Business Models

Breaking down three types of businesses that make the world better.

What do these titles make you think of?

Social Entrepreneur, Socent, Do-Good Business Owner, Impact-Driven Founder, Conscious Company Runner…

Is it you?

Personally, I think every business owner should be a “social good” business owner. Hopefully, that’s why you’re here!

The concept of a social good business is pretty simple, but exactly how they look can be quite different. In general, it boils down to three main models and I’m breaking them down in this week’s quick video.

If you’re starting a social good business (or thinking about it) OR you want to add social good to your current business, this one’s got you covered.

I can’t wait until ALL businesses are social good businesses 😉

Until then, let me know how I can best serve you and your social good goals! Shoot me an email at

Thanks for being here!


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