You're doing awesome, but...

How to handle the criticism that sometimes comes with doing good.

People always have something to say. 

These days all it takes is a few simple clicks to say it (hellooo, comment section).

For some reason, when it comes to businesses, giving back and doing good can sometimes make people even more hypercritical.

It often seems that as long as a business operates in the “norm,” they’re ok, but once they start doing something positive, they’re under the microscope. This is one reason I’m always saying how much courage it takes to do good in your business.

The fact is doing anything truly great opens you up to greater scrutiny.

We should absolutely always be striving to do good better, but because we’re all constantly learning we may face criticism along the way.

This week’s episode covers the three things to remember if it happens to you. 

If you’ve never faced criticism around doing good, YAY **happy dance**!!! I hope you never do. But if  that day should come, please remember these three things.

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