Building a Movement that Honors Women with Every Step

with Eileen Rosete, Founder of Our Sacred Women

What does the word sacred call to mind for you? What about reverence? Or honor?

Policies and actions of so many individuals, businesses and even entire industries could lead us to believe that these powerful words don’t apply to women.

Eileen Rosete is on a mission to change that.

It started with a vision that’s grown into a movement to restore women to a place of reverence through specialty gifts that help women feel seen, valued, and honored. The best part is, she’s doing it in a way that truly honors every person in every step of the process. I had the chance to sit down with Eileen and hear her vision for Our Sacred Women. She also shared:

  • The highs and lows of growing from a single t-shirt campaign into a full-fledged business
  • How she transitioned from a Marriage and Family Therapist to Social Entrepreneur
  • How she’s been able to create products ethically and sustainably while also giving back
  • The collaborations she’s been part of and what to look for when creating positive collabs
  • What influenced her to focus on how fashion impacts people and the planet
  • OSW’s nonprofit partnerships
  • Plus, what she would’ve liked to know when she started and her best advice for anyone starting a purpose-driven business


Eileen is such a thoughtful human and it comes through in everything she does. I hope you’re feeling inspired to discover small (or big!) steps toward having a more conscious business. Connect with Eileen and Our Sacred Women online at and on Instagram @OurSacredWomen

To restoring reverence,


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