Fighting for Justice through Fashion

with Christina Vaichus, Co-Founder of Citizen & Darling

I truly believe businesses can help tackle our world’s toughest issues.

This is especially true when the industry the business is part of is also one of the biggest perpetrators of the injustice they’re trying to combat. Such as fashion. The fashion industry is one of the primary contributors to forced labor and modern-day slavery.

Fortunately, there’s hope.

We’re seeing more and more businesses taking stands to combat this issue, bring awareness to the problem and ultimately end trafficking. Inspiring businesses, like Citizen & Darling.

I sat down with Christina Vaichus, Co-Founder of Citizen & Darling to talk about fighting human trafficking through fashion.

She also shares:

  • The challenges this type of business brings
  • How to work in the tension between a lifestyle brand and difficult social issues
  • What to look for when starting a conscious clothing line
  • Best practices for positive collaborations with other businesses
  • Her go-to anti-trafficking brands
  • How to manage business and friendship with a Co-Founder
  • + lessons learned and her best advice for social entrepreneurs

Check it out here:

I love Christina’s willingness to be candid about her journey as a conscious consumer and a social entrepreneur. As she says, it’s not always an easy, but we have to start somewhere. Connect with Christina and Citizen & Darling at or on Instagram @citizenanddarling.

Keep fighting the GOOD fight,


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