Finding Your Authentic Self in Business & Life

with Elisha Avne, Leadership Development Facilitator & Consultant at FLDWRK

Do you know your Enneagram number? How about your Myers Briggs?

To be honest, even though I would’ve considered myself a pretty self-aware person, I had never done much work in this area until recently. I wasn’t naturally drawn to deep introspection or curious about self-examination. However, over the last year of running a business, I’ve grown to see the immense value.

Even if everything’s “all good,” intentionally seeking to better understand ourselves will improve how we relate, respond and interact both personally and professionally.

That’s what we’re talking about in Episode 26 with Elisha Avne, Leadership Development Facilitator & Consultant at FLDWRK.

Not only is Elisha incredibly skilled in personal development, she’s specifically so when it comes to social entrepreneurs and purpose-driven business owners, having worked in this space for several years.

We talk about finding your authentic self, knowing it and bringing it to the table in business and life so you can create the change you wish to see in the world. We also talk about:

  • Finding and living from your core values and beliefs
  • Awareness practices for leaders and entrepreneurs
  • Three key reads for self-discovery
  • Common mistakes and misconceptions in the social good business space
  • A cautionary tale for social entrepreneurs
  • The main thing you need to thrive in business

Check it out here:

Whether or not you’ve done or do self-work, I know you’ll find this episode extremely valuable. You can connect with Elisha and learn more about FLDWRK at

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