Raising Voices, Making Space & Building a Movement

with Anna Bulbrook, Founder of Girlschool
“Music is the foil for teaching girls to take up space, be loud, use their voice, be their most authentic self…”

Do you see something that needs to be changed in the world?

I’m sitting down with Anna Bulbrook who saw a need in the music industry and created a business to meet that need. She shares the big revelations that took her from classical music to mainstream rock and from the male-dominated music industry to founding a female-empowerment platform.

We also talk about: 

  • The process of turning a project into a business
  • Girlschool’s two-fold social mission
  • What to do when there’s something in the world you want to see changed
  • The significant lesson she learned when integrating a social mission into her business

Follow along with Anna and Girlschool at girlschoolla.com and on social @girlschoolla.

If you can see a need and a way to meet it with an opportunity, chances are you’re a social entrepreneur too.

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