Financial Fundamentals for Social Entrepreneurs

with Somya Munjal of CPA for the People, Youthful Savings & Audacious Endeavors

Let’s talk about money.

No matter the size or structure of your business, complex conversations about money have to happen — and they can be especially tricky when you’re a social entrepreneur.

That’s what Episode 24 of Good Matters is all about. If you’ve ever considered getting outside investment for your social venture, this episode is a must-watch! 

I sat down with CPA, multi-Social Enterprise Founder and author, Somya Munjal, to talk about money fundamentals for social entrepreneurs. We also talk about how she’s merged her finance background and expertise with her passion for social impact, which can be seen in her three socially-focused ventures, as well as her debut book, Audacious Endeavors.

Watch the Episode here: 

Somya is not your “typical” CPA, but she most definitely knows her stuff about finance and social entrepreneurship. You can find her at and



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