Finding Your Corner of the World & Going All In for Impact

with Amy Marks, Co-Founder of Joji bags

The need in the world can be overwhelming.

From time to time I think we all feel there is so much need, so much that requires changing, so much to be made better.

It can feel like an impossible task. 

Which is why I loved talking to Amy Marks. I sat down with Amy, the Co-Founder of Joji Bags, to talk about how the core of their business is serving women weavers in Guatemala. Amy shares how these women have become like family and though it’s only a small group, their commitment to them and their families runs deep. Amy and her mom discovered a small corner of the world where they could effect positive change and they went all in.

It’s a great reminder that if we can each focus on serving our small corner of the world, the needs will not seem so overwhelming, but the collective impact will be immense. 

I hope Amy’s story inspires and encourages you.

You can connect with her online at, Instagram @JojiBags or Facebook @JojiProducts.

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