Your Mentor Dream Team & the Human Side of Business and Relationships

With Corbin J. Pickett, Founder of The Candid Professional

Do you ever feel like the “grand entrepreneurial story” always includes a mentor?

As in, you’ll be at a conference or an event listening to an entrepreneur share their journey to success and without fail they’ll mention their mentor or mentors. They’re always part of the story, which leads me to believe that mentorship is vital to success. Yet, in my day-to-day, I feel like I know very few people who actually have them. Especially when they’re first starting out.

If you’ve ever wondered: How do I find a mentor? What do I look for? How do I set expectations? This episode is for you.

I sat down with Corbin J. Pickett, Founder of The Candid Professional (and a mentorship expert!) to talk about all of these questions and more.

BONUS! Because we know how vital having a solid team of mentors is (and because Corbin is so awesome) he put together the Mentor Dream Team Playbook, which includes the seven essential steps to finding a mentor and the five unique types of mentors to complete your dream team.

Then, watch the interview to learn about:

  • Positive and measurable relationship building
  • Applying human-centered design thinking for social impact
  • The importance of introspection and how to create a positive internal dialogue
  • Mentorship (who, what, where, when, why & how)
  • Career storytelling  Corbin’s work and journey as a social entrepreneur

Watch it here :

What makes Corbin an expert in so many arenas is his understanding of people and relationships and his focus to consistently learn more.

Find Corbin at and on Instagram @TheCandidProfessional.

I’m so excited for everything you’ll learn from this insightful episode. Don’t forget to grab your Mentor Playbook too!

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