Inspiring the Next Generation of Kindness & Compassion

with Misty Castañeda, Founder of For-Purpose Kids

“We’re often afraid of what we don’t know and if we can increase the exposure of young kids to new situations that allow them to build upon these important values, we’ll see a much different world in the future. Providing experiences for kids involving giving and volunteering, we’ll be amazed at how feelings of fear will disappear and be replaced with feelings of love and kindness.”

Truth from the Inspired Founder of For-Purpose Kids, Misty Castanedas.

I think we can agree that the need to engage the next generation in compassion and kindness towards others is always important, but it’s definitely important today, which is why I was so excited to meet Misty earlier this year and have the chance to sit down and chat about her company and what she’s learned along the way.

We chat about:

  • The necessity of instilling the next generation with empathy and compassion
  • The benefits and challenges of being a global brand
  • Setting realistic expectations in your business
  • Listening to customer feedback and working it into your path
  • And more 🙂

Connect with For-Purpose Kids through their website, Facebook or Instagram. This is the kind of company we need in the world and I hope Misty’s journey encourages you as you start or grow your own purpose-driven company. 

If you need help, I’m here for you! Seriously, that’s why DG exists. 

All the love,


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