Share Your Good with the World

Two things you must know before you can fully embrace sharing your 'do-good' works with the world

Oh, the humble brag.

Here are a few gems courtesy of celebrities on Twitter…

Man, it’s tough out there.

And speaking of bragging, here’s a question I get more often than others:

Isn’t it a little selfish to promote that I support a good cause with my business?

To which I say: NAH!

Not if you do it authentically and correctly. Not only is it okay to share how your business is creating good in the world, it’s absolutely necessary to the success of your efforts.

There is a way to share the good things you do with the intention of inspiration and celebration without coming across as braggy or self-serving. I have a post in the works specifically focused on language and communication style for this, but for now, to get us past this question and over the fear of sounding like a humble bragging celeb — There are two things you MUST know before you can fully embrace sharing that your business is a force for good.

That’s what today’s post is all about.

Now! Go to your website or social channels or storefront or WHEREVER you reach people and think of at least one way to better share the good you’re doing with the world. 

I’ll definitely do a post with tips and best practices for the content/communication, but this is a great place to start. Knowing that better sharing can help the causes you care about most should embolden you to share away! I hope it does! 

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