The Art of Successful Partnerships & Perseverance

An interview with Danny Mendoza, Founder of Together We Rise

Ahh Cause Partnerships.

(i.e. the partnership formed between a for-profit business and a nonprofit organization to positively impact the world.)

Seriously, one of my favorite topics because when they’re done right, they can be so powerful.

If you’re starting or growing a social good business and cause partnerships are part of your plan, this episode is for you. 

I’m sitting down with Danny Mendoza, Founder of Together We Rise, who knows this topic extremely well. He’s spent the last nine years cultivating strong partnerships with large corporations, small local business owners and social entrepreneurs.

“As their business grows, we grow with them… They didn’t ask for us to promote them, but we did because they were so generous.”

That’s Danny talking about a local small business that is a model of a great partner. 

He and I talk about the art of nonprofit partnerships – where to start, what to ask and how to make them work. As well as the patience and persistence it takes to build something great. 

I really love how much Danny loves his work. These are the kind of organizations you want to partner with.  Let’s help nonprofits like TWR fulfill their vital missions – take these tips and get moving. 

You can connect with Danny and TWR through their website or Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @togetherwerise.

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