Three Ways to Build a Strong Community

Around Your Social Good Mission

I’m from a small town in Northern Michigan.

If you’re from this great state or have ever met a Michanger, you’ve likely heard someone say “I’m from here,” as they quickly point to a random spot on their hand. That’s a thing. 

Like many small Midwestern towns, mine is full of small businesses, entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, and community-minded people. The main street is lined with restaurants, coffee shops, salons, and pretty much any business you can think of. Almost none of them are chains. It’s not because they don’t want in — they do. It’s because of community.

Community is vital to running a successful business and that’s what we’re talking about this week. The importance of community and three ways to build a strong one around your social good mission.

Not only is community important for your business, it’s important for you too! Building a strong community helps keep you going. 

Take these steps and don’t wait to start building a strong community around your social mission.

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Thanks so much for being here!

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