Leverage the Power of Your Business for Good

The first step to using your business to create good in the world.

Isn’t there one superhero that’s everyone’s favorite?!

Well, no.

I looked (for this post) and some people take this topic very seriously. If I had to choose, I’ve always liked Batman. SO NOT ORIGINAL, I know.  And in case one day I need a more interesting answer, I did a quick google search for obscure superheroes.

My favorite so far: Night Man.

A jazz musician who, in a freak cable car accident, gets a piece of metal lodged in his brain that makes him unable to sleep. (Some nights, I think this may have happened to me.) His superpower is being able to hear thoughts and with that, he fights crime. Pow! 

All this to say:


Starting and owning a business is tough, but it gives you the power of influence and engagement. You work hard to have a community, attract like-minded people and get your message out, which means you have an incredible opportunity to cultivate real and lasting change for the causes you care about most. 

That’s what today’s post is about: the first step to leveraging the power of your business for good. We’ll talk about how the things you do every day matter and the simple way to get started using your business to create good in the world.

No matter what good looks like in your business, you have the power to make it happen. So go on do-gooder!! 

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