Social Impact Strategy



While you keep making magic happen in your business, I’ll do all the legwork for your strategy. You’ll weigh in on the vital pieces and big decisions, of course, but I’ll dig into the nitty gritty and deliver your strategy ready to go.

How it works

Week 1: Meet + Assess

We’ll sit down (virtually or IRL if you’re in the LA area!) to discuss all aspects of your business; from the basics of what you do, to what your brand stands for, to your overall business goals. We’ll also discuss the causes for which you’re most passionate and your hopes for integrating social good into your business.

Outcomes: Alignment Assessment

Week 2: Cause Fit Research

After a review of your assessment, I’ll ideate, research and identify potential cause focus areas to find your perfect cause fit based on alignment, goals, and needs of your business.

Outcomes: Discovery document, including three unique, alignment-based cause focus areas from which to choose.

Weeks 3-4: Cause Partner Research + Auditing

Once we’ve got your perfect cause fit, I’ll research and connect with potential not-for-profit or non-governmental organizations to explore partnership opportunities. I’ll audit the organizations for relevance in programming, proven impact, financial stability, potential red flags, and the ability to offer a mutually-beneficial relationship.

Outcomes: Details on three to five sound, aligned NPO/NGO partner recommendations from which to choose.

Weeks 4-6: Partnership + Initiative Development

After we have your partner, we’ll plan your initiative(s) and implementation, plus set goals and measurement areas. I’ll work with the selected organization(s) to identify the main point person, procure digital assets, identify needs and expectations for both parties and secure an expectations agreement, where applicable. 

Outcomes: Cause partnership agreement, including intended initiatives and an introductory meeting with point person.

Weeks 7-8: Messaging + Communication

Once the partnership is in place, we’ll work on your social mission. I’ll identify language and key terms to be utilized in overall messaging for website copy, marketing materials, social media, etc. and outline a communications plan based on your initiatives. 

Outcomes: Messaging Reference Guide + Communication Plan Outline


DURATION: 6-8* weeks (*dependant on your/potential partner response times)



“Rachael was really fantastic to work with, she knew just the right questions to ask to help us conceptualize our social impact strategy. I walked away from the experience feeling educated and very excited to work with the partner that she helped us identify. It is definitely no small feat to do the amount of work she does to audit and interview the partners; not something I would feel confident in doing myself.”


Jamie Shah | VP of Operations, Chem-Impex International, Inc.

a strategy is for you if:

You’re a business owner who wants to make the world better.

You want to make an impact without needing a huge budget or big team.

You don’t have the time it takes to “figure it out” on your own.

You know access to expertise will also save you energy and frustration.


You want to increase audience engagement and positive brand recognition.

You want to know your nonprofit partners are reliable and trustworthy.

Interested?! yay!

Tell me a bit about yourself below and I’ll be in touch asap to set up a quick chat so we can make sure it’s a good fit and I can serve you well.

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DFY Not Your Thing? no worries!

Check out the DIT (do-it-together) way.

Or the DIY+ (do-it-yourself-PLUS-online-guidance-and community) way.

I feel about these three options like I do about my three fur-kids, no one is better or worse than the other, they’re just different and I love them all uniquely 😉

Find the one that makes the most sense for YOU and get your social impact strategy on lock 🙌

I know you’re here because you want to see something changed in the world and whether I help or someone else helps or you figure it out on your own,  I’m seriously SO excited to see you make it happen.

xo Rachael

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