Social Impact Strategy



Everything’s better together.

We’ll sit down (IRL or online) once a week for six weeks to create each piece of your strategy. You’ll take what we develop, put it into action and come back with questions, concerns and big wins to discuss as we dive into the next session. You’ll get one-on-one guidance to ensure everything’s on point and custom to your business and walk away with a solid plan ready to make the world better.

How it works

Week 1: Determine Cause Fit
We’ll go through an alignment assessment to discover the cause that’s best aligned with your heart, business, brand, and audience to ensure clarity, consistency, engagement and the greatest overall impact for the cause and your business too.
Week 2: Select Cause Partner(s)
Based on your cause fit, we’ll determine potential organizations and non-profit partners, learn how to research and choose the right ones, and perform a nonprofit audit to ensure partners are sound and trustworthy. We’ll discuss the outreach process, best practices for partnerships and how to execute partnership agreements.
Week 3: Develop initiatives

We’ll review your cause partner outreach and ideate on creative ways to support them. We’ll determine both what and how of your initiatives, analyzing what works best for your business and breaking down sub-initiatives as needed.

Week 4: Set Goals & Measurement
Once we’ve determined your initiatives, we’ll look at current outputs and measurements (typically established by your cause partner) to set goals and create a plan to gauge and measure social impact.
Week 5: prepare messaging
We’ll determine the language, key terms and positioning statements to produce thoughtful copy that tells a compelling story and flows with your overall business messaging.
Week 6: outline Communication
Finally, we’ll outline a communication plan to engage your audience and amplify your initiatives, pulling everything together into simple, actionable steps for execution.


DURATION: Six weeks (one-hour online sessions, once per week for six weeks + two post-project follow-up calls and ongoing email support, as needed)

INVESTMENT: $940 paid in full (or two payments of $540)


“Since before officially starting Undiscovered Sunsets, I knew I wanted to include a give-back element in my business. I had no idea what that would look like and I had so many questions. All of these questions and so many more paralyzed my progress and I remained stuck at square one for almost two years. When I met Rachael and learned about her background, I asked tons of questions and loved hearing about her experience and expertise, but I still didn’t know how to apply this to my own business. The “Do-It-Together” Strategy Sessions were the perfect solution because this wasn’t a process I wanted to hand over to someone; I wanted to be a part of the process. Working with Rachael not only gave me a great appreciation for her expertise and her knowledge, but it has also set me up for success. After two years of no progress at all, I’m now on the path to forging a new relationship with an organization I truly believe in and putting forth creative initiatives to support them, all in only six weeks. Thank you, Rachael!”


Whitney Shindelar | Owner & Principal Travel Advisor, undiscovered sunsets

a strategy is for you if:

You’re a business owner who wants to make the world better.

You want to make an impact without needing a huge budget or big team.

You don’t have the time it takes to “figure it out” on your own.

You know access to expertise will also save you energy and frustration.


You want to increase audience engagement and positive brand recognition.

You want to know your nonprofit partners are reliable and trustworthy.


Tell me a bit about yourself below and I’ll be in touch asap to set up a quick chat so we can be sure it’s a good fit and I can serve you well.

Still have a few questions or concerns? Shoot me a message here and we’ll chat!

DIT Not Your Thing? no worries!

Check out the DFY (done-for-you) way.

Or the DIY+ (do-it-yourself-PLUS-online-guidance-and community) way.

Listen, I feel about these three options like I do about my three fur-kids, no one is better than the other, they’re just different and I love them all uniquely.

Find the one that makes the most sense for YOU and get your social impact strategy on lock 🙌

P.S. I know you’re here because you want to see something changed in the world and whether I help or someone else helps or you figure it out on your own,  I’m seriously SO excited to see you make it happen.

xo Rachael

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