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Let’s infuse your business with good and giving back.  Seriously, I can’t wait.

What We’ll Do + What You’ll Get

Doing good doesn’t look the same in every business. We’ll create a custom social impact strategy for your business – assess your perfect cause fit, discover and connect you with the right partners and help you infuse your brand with good.


Meet + Assess

We’ll sit down (virtually or IRL) to discuss all aspects of your business; from the basics of what you do, your industry and your offerings to your company culture, what your brand stands for and your main audience, to overall company goals, mission, vision and values. We’ll also discuss the causes for which you’re most passionate and your goals and expectations for integrating social good. Then, I’ll take everything gathered from our convo and dig in to discover the best alignment and what makes sense for you, your business, your brand and your audience. 

You’ll get: Alignment Assessment 

Cause Fit Research

After a review of your assessment, I’ll ideate, research and identify potential cause focus areas to find your perfect cause fit based on alignment, goals, and needs for your business. 

You’ll get: Discovery document, including three unique, alignment-based cause focus recommendations from which to choose.

Cause Partner Research + Auditing

Once we’ve selected your perfect cause fit, I’ll research and connect with potential not-for-profit and non-governmental organizations to explore partnership opportunities. I’ll audit organizations for relevance in programming, proven impact, financial stability, potential red flags, and ability to offer a mutually-beneficial relationship.

You’ll get: Discovery document, including the best three to five NPO/NGO partner recommendations from which to choose.

Partner Procurement + Initiative Development

We’ll work on your initiative(s) and goals for this partnership while I work with the selected organization(s) to identify the main point person, procure digital assets, flesh out the partnership details, identify needs and expectations for both parties and secure an expectations agreement.

You’ll get: Cause partnership agreement and an introductory meeting with point person.

Social Mission, Language + Messaging

Once the partnership is in place, we’ll create your social mission, identify language and key terms to be utilized in overall messaging for website copy, marketing materials and social media.

You’ll get: Messaging Reference Guide

Sound Good?

I want to make sure it’s exactly what you need! We won’t really know until we chat, so shoot me an email or fill out the form below so we can find 15 minutes to get on the phone and see if we’re a good fit. If it doesn’t make perfect sense, I’ll give you my very best advice (on the house, of course) to help you integrate good into your business for where you’re at right now. 

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