Use your business to make the world better

You, Business Owner, are incredibly powerful.

why not use that power for good?

If you’re ready for something to be changed, to be solved, to be made better – your business can absolutely be part of the solution. No matter the size, age or industry, but here’s the catch:


That’s where I come in

Hi! I’m Rachael.

Lover of humans. Aspiring optimist. Social Impact Strategist. Basically, I help passionate people use their business for good, in a way that speaks to their heart but makes sense for their business too.

here’s how


Learn from interviews with social entrepreneurs, nonprofit leaders, and social good experts + quick video lessons on how to create good in the world through your business.


Create a custom plan that allows you to consistently make the positive changes you want to see in the world while strengthening your business at the same time.


Join a free community of inspiring humans making the world better through business + get free tools and resources to help you do the same.

Happy Peeps Changing the World

Rachael helped me clarify, articulate and present my organization’s objectives in an incredibly short time. With her background in corporate social good, her genius at strategic communication, and her enthusiasm for the work that we are doing to empower women, she is a truly special coach and consultant.

Anna Bulbrook | Founder, GIRLSCHOOL

Happy Peeps Changing the World

Rachael’s spirit and passion were palpable from the very first minute. She was happy to work with our company’s limited scale to create a very specific and detailed action plan that produced real impact and results. She cares deeply about helping others — whether by guiding companies like mine or leading by example — and it shows in the quality of her work! I recommend that Rachael be by your side whenever you’re defining good.

Adam Go | Founder, THR Hospitality + Pueblo Restaurant

Happy Peeps Changing the World

Thank you so much for all your help on our messaging as a social impact brand. Your thoughts were crucial in guiding us to highlight our cause in our marketing as we kicked off our Insider’s Launch for Velé.

Tiffany Wong | Co-Founder, Velé

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For the Love of Entrepreneurs Everywhere

I believe passionate entrepreneurs can change the world and everyone should have that chance, regardless of their circumstances. Every time I work with Defining: good entrepreneurs, we’re helping Kiva entrepreneurs thrive too.

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